Explaining ‘The Winning Look’ is more a ‘feeling’ than a visual effect for Patricia.  Originally from Chicago, Ill.  She resides in Capistrano Beach, California with her husband of 30 years and her two sons, who are 14 and 17 years old.  She has done makeup artistry and hair up dos for over 30 years for Brides, Pageant Delegates, Dancers, Photo Shoots,  Commercials and the Hollywood Film Industry.

Patricia’s Passion is Dancing and Fitness. She is an Open Gold Amateur dancer in 2 styles of Ballroom Dancing. She has been involved in makeup artistry and hair up dos for Ballroom Dancing for nearly 10 years since she started her company, The Winning Look. She has been involved in doing hair and makeup for Fitness competitors for the past 6 years. It all started in her community…raising funds for her local hospital when she was asked to dance for a cause.

While Patricia loves sports…especially Triathlons and has done 2 IronMan Races herself, she has honed her skills in dancing and now enjoys weight lifting to stay even more fit.   Her love for dance and fitness inspires her makeovers and hair up dos in ways that she could not normally express her artistry.  Ballroom Dancing and Fitness competitions have so many facets to them that the options are endless for her to create gorgeous, courageous, ‘intensely full of feeling and expression’… ‘Winning Looks’.

In addition to Makeup Artistry and Hair Design, Patricia offers Custom Airbrush Tanning to her clients.  Since she is well versed and experienced with makeup artistry, custom airbrush tanning has been a simple ‘new art’  to master. She is delighted to offer this healthy alternative to the sun’s harmful rays.

“The feeling I get when I am creating a complete makeover is exhilarating.  I know that the woman is going to stand up, look at herself in the mirror and smile from ear to ear.  Many look like they have lost 10 lbs, 10 years in 10 minutes and walk out of my studio glowing with confidence and excitement.”   After years of creating ‘Winning Looks’, Patricia has designed her studio’s name and company from a simple concept and phrase she has used since she began.  She says…”You see, it is not really how we look, it is how we feel inside… when we look good, our beauty and confidence from the inside radiate outward.  Creating a ‘Winning Look’ is more like creating a ‘Winning Feeling’ for my clients.”