Most Recent Local Pageant and Teen Queen’s  testimony of ‘The Winning Look’.

Patricia Schneider, The Winning Look founder has been working with pageants for over 23 years.  Her beauty pageant experience includes teaching skin care and makeup techniques to delegates, judging pageants and taking part as a delegate herself.  She has held several titles throughout her years of experience. Her background in acting, modeling, and dancing has given her knowledge in stage performance, stage make-up, and stage presence.  She enjoys helping pageant delegates achieve their ‘Winning Look’ by providing private consultations and workshops for pageant Directors all over the nation.  Her desire is that each and every delegate she meets with will feel like a winner by applying the techniques of skin care and color application they learn in their consultation.

If you are a pageant Director please contact us about our services that we provide for our Directors.  We will be delighted to email you a packet to help you in your decision making process of choosing ‘The Winning Look’ for your event.  You will be delighted as our ‘Winning Look’ Team helps your delegates feel and look confident in taking center stage in your pageant and representing your community.  Prize packages and sponsorships are available to every Director who applies for our services.

If you are a delegate of a pageant that our Winning Look Team has not yet contracted with, please feel free to contact us for your private appointment at either your location or ours.  We will be happy to help you with your ‘Winning Look’ for the day of your pageant.