Makeup Classes! Learn How To Do Your Own Makeup

Tips of the trade

Want to learn the secrets of Hollywood movie stars? Wouldn’t you love to look incredibly glamorous and gorgeous with that beautiful gown on the ballroom floor? Of course, when it comes to looking ‘Glam’ for the photo…we do it right at The Winning Look.  In this 45 minute ‘on site’ session, you can learn how to do it yourself…when you are away from our help!!

We can teach you how to apply your makeup for any occasion AND provide you with the tools (brushes, makeup and skin care)  necessary to recreate your ‘Winning Look’ OVER and OVER again!!!

Of course, if you wonder how people look 10 years younger and 10 lbs thinner after their make up is on, we share these Hollywood secrets with you at your private appointment. We will help you with wrinkle reducers, primers and facial contouring that brings out the best of YOUR beauty, and discover a beautiful array of colors that can be used as a pallet for your face! We will do this specific to your facial shape, your eye shape, your skin tone and your hair color.  The Winning Look is well trained in makeup artistry with many years of experience and education to ‘GET YOU GORGEOUS’ for any occasion!

Cost on site is $85.00 per private session (Cost is free with any purchase of one of our packages!)


Makeup for Ballroom-

Makeup for Evening Events

Makeup for Every Day

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