Competition Hair and Makeup Fees

Adults: age 12+


Adult Hair:  $85 per 25-30 minute session.


Adult Makeup: $85 per 25-30 minute session


Eyelashes you may bring your own and we will not charge to put them on with the cost of Makeup.  If we provide them there is an additional fee of $10




Child Hair: $70 per 20 minute Session


Child Makeup: $70 per 20 minute Session

Children’s birth date, parents name and cell phone must be given on the comments section of the appointment scheduler.  You must specify that it is a child appointment so we can manually adjust the time on our books.

Tanning Appointments:


15 minute Session. Scheduling between 7 and 9pm


Dark Tan:  $50.


Diva Dark (Darkest Shade)- Rapid 2 hour tan  $75.