The Answer To your Appointment Questions

I know it is difficult to locate an exact appointment time before viewing your heatlist…that is why it is important to know what LEVEL you will begin at: i.e…Newcomer, Beginning, intermediate or Full (bronze, silver or gold)  Each one of these levels can be separated by at least a half hour. Guess on your time and I will send you your updated time once the heat list is out.  Your appointent that you make here secures your spot and places you in order.
  • Patricia will be located in the host hotel and may be reached at (949)939-1921 to obtain her room number Or location in the vendor area!
  • Be aware of the time zone that you are booking. Patricia’s schedule is based on PST (regardless of what city the competition is at). For example, if you are on East Coast, and you book 7:00 am, it will show in her schedule as 4:00 am. TIME ZONES ARE LISTED BELOW FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE!!!
  • Attention: the slot of time that you book is for one appointment, either hair or makeup. If you would like to have both hair and makeup, be sure to book TWO APPOINTMENTS!
  • Appointments are made on a first come, first serve basis. If there are no morning appointments available and you would like an appointment BEFORE 4:00 am, please email Patricia directly at . All Appointments before 4am will be charged in full and are non refundable if you do not show for the appointment or cancel within 7days of your appointment date. If you are not sure when you are dancing, you can find a tentative schedule on the competition’s website, or contact the organizer.
  • Remember to bring any hair applique, stones, hair extensions, or other ornaments with you to your appointment and show them to Patricia before she begins styling your hair.Patricia recommends bringing either your dress, or a picture of your dress, so that she can best design the look of your hair and/or makeup.
  • Please remember to bring cash  to your appointment, as Patricia does not accept checks. The cost for Hair is $85.00+ and Makeup is $85.00. Patricia will provide eyelashes or you may bring your own for her to apply.
  • To cancel an appointment, call directly at (949)939-1921. Please note that any cancellations made up to 7 days before a competition will be fully charged, unless the time slot may be filled by another client.

PLEASE text (949)939-1921 and request the time and day if you don’t see it available!!!  Or you can email to

At Local Competitions Patricia will have 2 technitians.  So your time is likely available.